Asset Management for the 21st Century

EnTech Engineering, Inc. is a global leader in infrastructure assessments & subsurface diagnostics. Our non-destructive, non-invasive, remote sensing and leak detection services combine our patented solutions with stacked technologies to provide vital comprehensive site & asset information to our clients, which enables pro-active, knowledgeable project & remediation planning.

For over thirty years, our licensed Professional Engineers have provided innovative, best practice approaches leveraging the latest, most applicable sensing systems. We provide comprehensive reporting and expert analysis, resulting in industry leading services to our clients around the world.

By stacking various combinations of Infrared Energy Pattern Analysis (IR-EPA) , ground penetrating microwave radar (GPR), light detection & ranging (LIDAR), and magnetic flux, we provide our clients superior imaging & documentation of hidden and subsurface anomalies. We analyze, characterize & solve problems for small areas as well as those spanning hundreds of miles.

Metropolitan Water Distribution Systems, Bridges, Waste Water Pipelines, Levees and many other critical assets of governments and industries around the world have saved countless sums, time & natural resources by starting their projects with EnTech. Our expertise includes:

  • Detecting leaks in pipelines
  • Locating pavement delaminations & subsurface erosion in bridges / roadways / airports
  • Mapping underground utilities / tunnels / buried assets
  • Detecting erosion voids and future sinkholes
  • Locating deterioration in levees / waterways
  • Locating underground storage tanks
  • Hazardous leak mapping

The EnTech Team recognizes its responsibility to preserve the environment, our natural resources and our nation’s vital infrastructure. To meet these challenges, we are committed to developing best practice solutions and services that support environmental stewardship.