About EnTech Engineering Inc.

Specialists in Assessing Underground Infrastructure

Our engineers analyze complex raw data using the stacked technologies to provide our clients with timely, cost effective, site-specific solutions. EnTech® Engineering, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, has a 30+ year tradition of leadership and innovation in the non-destructive testing industry.

Recognized worldwide for our efficient and imaginative problem solving, we have served small and large companies, as well as government agencies in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Our engineers have published more than 70 international technical papers and written multiple standards manuals in addition to holding 10 U.S. & international patents relating to our utilization of various stacked non-destructive testing methods to achieve client driven, client focused intelligent solutions.

EnTech® Engineering, Inc. has a long tradition of leadership and innovation in the non-destructive testing industry. We continue to improve services to meet rising customer demands by developing a unique stacked technology to provide our clients with superior data and better analysis tools to locate anomalies. We take great pride in creating advanced technology applications that reach across business units resulting in specific solutions for our clients.

We are committed to surpassing client’s expectations through:

  • Remote Sensing, Non-Destructive Technology
  • Experience to Stack & Merge Technologies for Added Value
  • Engineered Site-Specific Solutions
  • Clear & Comprehensive Reports; Not Hard to Read “Engineer Speak”
  • Time, Labor & Material Cost Saving
  • Expert Analysis & Results; Utilizing 30+ Years of Experience