Energy & Refining


Nuclear and coal are still significant means of producing energy for electricity which is crucial for daily functionality. In order to generate power that meets everyday needs, pipeline infrastructure at these facilities need to be well maintained. Proactive inspections of these pipeline networks can improve pipeline integrity and safety for owners of power generation assets, as well as be a cost-effective means of maintaining them. The nation’s economy depends on electricity being available 24/7. EnTech® helps you meet your energy provision needs.


Oil and natural gas are still substantial resources required to produce petrochemical products required for everyday use. Petrochemical products are required for economic and cultural functionality. During the processes of refining there is discharge of hazardous waste. Refineries are required to efficiently discharge hazardous waste to meet federal regulations. Discrepancies with hazardous pipeline systems such as leaks, spills and improper disposal can threaten ground water supplies and have major environmental impacts. Proactive leak detection on these pipeline systems can eliminate costly repair issues and negate liability for owners. EnTech® helps you maintain the integrity of your underground infrastructure.