Asset Mapping

In today’s digital age, design drawings are becoming less and less useful in a real world that is constantly evolving with digital asset management. Even systems that are lucky enough to have received as-built drawings when the infrastructure construction was completed often do not take the time to document or update any changes. When a failure event causes a slowdown in production or ill effects to the surrounding community (boil-water orders, environmental damage, increased gasoline prices) time is the most important element. It may only take hours to fix the problem but if owners do not have accurate asset mapping it may take days or weeks to locate hydrants, valves, manholes, pipelines or other related assets that are necessary to complete the repair. This lost time could end up costing anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars in the form of damaged properties, lost product, consent decrees, or fines from regulatory agencies. Are you willing to risk not having the information you need to make informed decisions when disaster strikes?