Subterranean Tunnel Detection

EnTech provides subsurface diagnostics that offer a dynamic view of underground infrastructure including hidden tunnels. Our stacking technologies create a comprehensive system that supplies our clients with timely and accurate information enabling them to make informed decisions.

Subterranean tunnel detection begins with an Infrared - Energy Pattern Analysis investigation of the suspect areas. Our Infrared - Energy Pattern Analysis systems detect specific signature energy patterns created by underground anomalies caused by underground tunnels and other subsurface structures.

The Infrared - Energy Pattern Analysis investigation can be complimented with Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) for large aerial surveys. Sub-meter GPS accuracy ensures field crews can easily locate suspicious anomalies. Using this method, we can investigate large areas in a short amount of time (collecting up to 100 linear miles of data a day) and cut costs by targeting the areas that require further investigation.

Each investigation can be explored further by utilizing Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). GPR provides 3-D views of specific areas that require more detail than Infrared - Energy Pattern Analysis can provide. Additional information, such as composition, depth, and size of underground entities, can help clients better determine the situation.