Pavement & Concrete Inspection

America’s road and bridge network is one of its most critical yet oldest infrastructure. Roads and Bridges are reaching the end of their useful life and the cost to properly maintain them is increasing exponentially due to the general negligence caused by lack of resources. Owners are doing the best they can with what they have but without efficient technologies to properly evaluate the condition and to help with repair or replace decisions their dollars spent will continue to fall very short of being able to maintain roadways, bridges, or airport facilities. EnTech® utilizes modern non-destructive technology to help replace the old methodology of destroying what you are testing in the process of testing it. This provides flexibility and adaptability to the challenges of inspecting large amounts of pavement in different environments. Our service offerings can help eliminate emergency repair costs to maintain planned budgets for a no surprise asset management approach.

Delaminations & Debonding

Delaminations and debonding are separate issues that plague anyone who is responsible for maintaining bridges and roadways. What they have in common is the void that is created via cracking or separation of the materials respectively. That common feature is also what allows EnTech’s Infrared – Energy Pattern Analysis (IR-EPA) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to detect these issues. Let EnTech help you identify and prioritize problems areas for repair before they degrade and become hazardous, forcing you to replace them.

Rebar Corrosion

When rebar corrodes it expands with enough force to cause cracking in the surrounding materials. This cracking can allow more access to moisture, which leads to more corrosion. Once the source of moisture has been removed, rebar will not continue to corrode. Detection and repair before the surrounding materials before they have lost all strength is essential. EnTech’s cutting edge Infrared – Energy Pattern Analysis and Ground Penetrating Radar technologies can detect corroded rebar before the damage is visible at the surface and before it is too late to make proper repairs.

Sinkholes & Erosion Voids

There are many assets throughout the world that rely on concrete or pavement to perform. These are great materials that provide strength to roadways, bridges, airports, military facilities, water and waste water treatment facilities, industrial complexes, and many more but the properties that make it strong also make it hard to assess the condition below the surface. Sinkhole and erosion voids can cause instability in your asset that may lead to a shortened lifespan, increased maintenance costs, or a catastrophic failure. EnTech®’s combination of non-destructive technologies Infrared – Energy Pattern Analysis (IR-EPA) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to identify and prioritize problem areas within your assets so that you can properly maintain your budgets and limit surprise emergencies.